DELISH bake-free, vegan brownies (bake free also means FAST)! These are an awesome way to satisfy your sweet tooth without tons of added sugar and they can be kept frozen for a long time. (they’re REALLY good. I love them pre-workout or late at night when my inner candy monster is screaming ‘FEED ME’).

I’ve used other nuts when I don’t have almonds: cashews work well, so do walnuts. I personally don’t use a food processor, but rather crush the nuts with a mortar and mush it all with my hands like dough. (honestly, too lazy to clean the processor. Plus I like the mush mush). I also don’t have time to make heart shapes. Balls are how I roll. 🙂

(these freeze well, and taste amazing frozen. Highly recommend!).

Directions here:


2 cups raw almonds
6 tbsp cup cacao powder, plus more for dusting
Small pinch Himalayan sea salt
8 medjool dates
1/2 cup dried cherries
2-3 tbsp filtered water

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